Sunday, November 30, 2014

Trapped (or not) in an RPG

Hey, GM, make a saving throw vs. Duh

Look between the couch cushions

That's right, Brian, I hid your stupid magic remote. I know you were planning to use it to make me your slurry girlfriend, and I wasn't about to let that happen.

Why didn't I just change myself back? Oh, Brian, you have a lot to learn. This body is great! Everyone is super nice, I get free drinks, and since you set my arousal level to maximum, sex is fantastic. Why, I spent a whole hour in the shower this morning...

So give up on the remote, Brian. The only time you'll see it again is if I choose to turn you into my sexy, horny girlfriend.

A good idea at the time

Relax, James. You seemed to think the catgirl potion was a good idea when you gave it to me. You'll soon forget all about your yucky old dick as you become increasingly horny and air-headed. We're going to have so much fun together. You may look frightened, but I can feel you purring already.

Saturday, November 29, 2014

The Transformation Pool

Call it the Pool of the Drowned Hottie

TG Virus Security

OK, the good news is, we've confirmed that this is the facility where they're storing the samples of TG Virus. The bad news...well, you can see the bad news. The virus seems to have escaped from its containment unit. Everyone in there was a hot babe like the one I've become. And now that we've breached security, there's no telling how fast it will, Kyle? You don't look so good. Were you always a blonde?"


"Mr. Jenkins, we're afraid that there has been a mistake in your nanite surgery. You were supposed to be injected with the Beefcake 300 model, but you accidentally received the Dreamgirl 800 model. Your old body is beyond recovery, but we could always proceed with your original procedure."

"Who was this model meant for?"

"Gladys Hickenlooper, the fiance of publisher Eugene Wolf?"

"Wolf? The billionaire? Isn't he, like, ninety years old?"

"Ninety six, I believe. Shall we prepare to fix our mistake?"

"Not so fast. Get Mr. Wolf on the phone. I have a proposal for him..."

Stuck on Gender Swap Island

The travel brochure made it clear: under no circumstances were vacations on Genderswap Island to last more than two weeks. Otherwise, the transformation might become permanent, and the vacationer might not ever be able to return to their old body.

Peter planned his trip carefully, studying weather patterns in the Caribbean and poring over long range forecasts. Then, that fall, he blew his savings on a two week vacation. They were easily the best two weeks on his life. Nothing but Sun and fun and a gorgeous New body that was better than he could have hoped for. The island was filled with fellow transformees, who wanted nothing more than to have fun in their sexy vacation bodies.

Then, on day thirteen, the announcement came: "Due to the approaching Hurricane Tiresias, all flights are grounded for the next three days."


Friday, November 28, 2014

Alien to alien

The aliens snatched me off a desert highway. The poked, prodded and probed me for days. When they were done, they had chopped up my body and put my brain in a jar. Then they offered to restore my body however I wished. I tried to send them a mental image of Christopher Pine, but I guess I'm such a comics nerd that an image of a superhero popped up from my subconscious.

Given a choice, I probably would have picked Superman or Flash. Being a chick has taken a lot of getting used to. But I'm loving being a Kryptonian! I get to help people all day and party to an insane degree all night. Just don't tell the aliens that Supergirl isn't a native of earth. Their legal team would make me give back this body...

Please don't tell

Bob's wish to become Nightwing turned the rest of us into the rest of the Teen Titans. As Raven, I have the power to change all of us back, but please don't tell anyone!

Power Wish

My wish to be a superhero didn't go as planned. I though I would become Barman or Spiderman or something. Instead I grew a pair of epic boobs and a killer bod. I thought being a chick would be a downer, but even without Power Girl's powers, I don't think I would change back. When I went to confront those jock asshole who tormented me in school, I didn't really need super strength to reduce them to quivering piles of jelly. They actually thought they were going to touch the most awesome rack in the galaxy! One little puff and they were pulling themselves off the far wall of the gym!  And I had thought losing my dick would put a damper on my love life, but it turns out all kinds of women want to date a real live superhero.

Best wish ever!

Your call

You're the one with the magic remote. You're the one who can change me back into your friend Steve. But those kids in the trapped bus will die unless Wonder Woman comes to save them. I'll totally make it worth your while if you just smash the remote right now. Your call.

Thursday, November 27, 2014

It's my world now

You thought turning me into a girl would teach me a lesson? That was pretty stupid of you. Just as it was pretty stupid to leave your spellbook out where I could find it. It turns out that I'm twice the witch you ever were. Your former coven seems to think so, and they are much happier as the young hotties I turned them into than the dumpy middle aged housewives they used to be.  And they sure know how to show their appreciation. And rather than risk having you turn me back to my former male, unmagical self, I'm going to have you join them. Once our coven reaches thirteen members, I'll have enough power to transform the world into my sexual playground.


You're not going to leave me here like this, are you? The car is out of gas, we're miles from home, and we only have an hour to get the antidote before the nanites fix this as my form permanently? How are we going to explain to your sister that she has a twin now?

A new girlfriend

Sorry, Evan. I don't think I'm going to give the magic wand back after all. I think you'll learn to like living as my girlfriend. In fact, I know you will. As soon as the last spell I cast kicks in, you won't be able to refuse me anything. You're already starting to feel the attraction, aren't you? Don't worry, I'll be kind. I'll even let you pick another girl for us to share in a happy little three way relationship.

Monday, November 17, 2014

Twisted sister

The funny part is, her sister is far more interested in my advances now that I'm her identical twin.

Thrill a minute

I don't wanna say the magic words to change back.

A true friend

I love them! Thanks so much for letting me use your MAU. I'll never go back to being a boring old guy again.

Saturday, November 15, 2014

False expectations

When your wife is a witch and you're in this blog, you should automatically assume that you're going to be babe-ified.

Life's a bitch, and so are you

I bet they get their revenge by eating her shoes.

The TG nanite experiment

The nanites were programmed to be active for ten days. I wonder what's next?

The Lucky Elf

If you're hit with a transgender fantasy reality shift, sexy drow babe is the way to go.

Friday, November 14, 2014

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Wife's Magic Wand

Little did she know it at the time, but breaking the wand caused a backlash that replicated the last spell it cast on everyone in a three mile radius. Cleveland just got a lot more interesting.

MAU fail

I'm looking. From where I sit, it seems to be working fine.

The Girly Spellbook

I need the address of that bookstore

TG bloodsucker

There's an app for that

Another triumph of the iPhone over the Android OS

Wednesday, November 12, 2014