Friday, May 19, 2017

Victor's Secret

"Excellent, Victor. Now turn...hip out...shoulders back...perfect!"

I could hear the cameras clicking furiously as I help the pose.  "I don't get it," I said when they were done. "Why couldn't you have used that remote to turn a woman  into your next underwear model? I'm sure there would have been thousands of volunteers."

Simon sighed. "Oh, Victor. Don't you realize how special you are? The remote only works on people with a certain genetic tag. You're the perfect transformation subject. And as long as you keep agreeing to pose for us, you'll also be the highest-paid model in the world!"


  1. Could you do a story wear someone wouse's a magic remote to turn Jonathan sound into a prom gown

  2. That body and all the money he could want . . . damn.